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  • circasim:


    Vyn decided to spend last weekend at the club with his main boys.

    This is Amaze! 

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  • frenchiemula:

    Bitch You Guessed It💤

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  • sassy-hannah:

    Im not sure if my personality is more tina or louise 

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  • ohforsimssake:

    Asha, 7

    Can’t beat the inevitable.. 

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  • art-sims:

    Please, Click for a better quality. 

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  • simstaplease:

    Random Follower’s Gift — Rolled-Up Sleeves Shirt (TS4)

    Huzzah, I have joined the TS4 custom content making bandwagon. It wasn’t too difficult and I have to say I’m really pleased with these! I hope you guys can find them useful for your sims. Tested for full game, not CAS demo but feel free to let me know if they’re causing you any issues!

    - 5 Recolors
    - Non-Default, easy to find as it shows up as a new clothing choice.

    Mesh by EA.
    *Image/Logos are not mine. Credit goes to respective brands. 

    DOWNLOAD (.package only)

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  • kanoya:


    This is a fishy backpack test for the amazing, fantastic Kanoya!

    So sorry this took so long to get posted~

    To be honest I wasn’t sure if I liked it with all the blurring and stuff, ubt I thought, hey, I have an artistic license so I’ll post it.

    Thanks so so soooo much for letting me test it for you~

    It works like a charm, and looks awesome in game!

    ooooh thx U<333 its so cute!~~~~

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  • kanoya:


    LOOKBOOK·Green drop in the grey city

    Glasses by momosims > DOWNLOAD
    Backpack by KanoYa > DOWNLOAD
    Shoes by Pixicat > DOWNLOAD

    Thanks to all the creator for their amazing cc!!

    thx U honey<3 adorable

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  • ponyhome:

    Collab with my sweet Ersel

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  • leahlillith:

    I am lately looking for make up inspirations for sims… and I kind of got inspired and made something different on my face for once. not perfect but still, I love the result hahhaha :D